Window Washing / Conservatory Care / Gutter Clearing

We provide an external and internal window cleaning that is more thorough than anybody else, combining experienced staff with the latest equipment and environmental-friendly cleaning solutions. We tackle low and high-reach windows, and even normally inaccessible areas, as well as frames, reveals and lower sills on a standard house.

Conservatory Valeting is another popular service, as the dirt and algae can leave your conservatory looking tired, while potentially causing long-term damage such as discolouration to UPVC, corrosion to metalwork and leaky seals. To revive it, our specialist conservatory valeting team undertakes everything from cleaning and lubricating windows and locks, to clearing guttering, and applying oils to lead flashing, even cleaning blinds and polishing floors.

Finally, Clearing Gutters is an essential task for almost every house. Gutters are cleared by hand or with the use of a ground based vacuum system to remove solid matter such as leaf residue and moss build up. The brushing and cleaning of the external gutters, soffits and fascia that the gutters are attached to, are also included in the cleaning process, along with clearing downpipe entry points and shore outlets.

So call in a Home Hero today to see how we can help with your window, conservatory or gutter cleaning requirements!